The very first oscillometric device measuring arterial stiffness

  • EASY as an oscillometric blood pressure measurement.
  • FAST as it takes only 2 minutes.
  • USER INDEPENDENT as it is fully automatic; the users only have to launch the measurement.
  • EXCELLENT REPRODUCIBILITY as it is proved to be superior to the reproducibility of other available methods.
  • LOW VARIANCE as it is proved to be the lowest among non-invasive arterial function assessing methods.
  • OUTSTANDING COST-BENEFIT RATIO among clinically accepted devices.
  • VALIDATED to invasive and non-invasive measurements.

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How was the Arteriograph Created?

During the daily medical work, arterial function (stiffness) parameters were not available, due to the lack of adequate measuring option. The blood pressure measured on the upper arm (brachial blood pressure) and on the aorta (central blood pressure) are significantly different. The pulse pressure wave generated by the left ventricle runs through the aorta and is reflected from the bifurcation. If the aortic wall is stiffened, the Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) parameter is elevated. Until the recent times the only way to get this data was the cardiac catheterization, an invasive method. With the technical development the first non-invasive solutions (the applanation tonometry and the piezoelectric method) appeared appr. 30 years ago Read more…

The Arteriograph device and method have been in use at lots of leading university and academic institution around the world, many of them for more than 10 years.
Being the inventors of this revolutionary technology, having incomparable knowledge, we can ensure that the device provided by TensioMed is of high quality and excellent accuracy.
Both the manufacturer and the distributors are present in the international market having ISO qualification working in the system of quality insurance. Both companies have brand services of their own. They provide warranty period of 2 years for the basic instrument of the Arteriograph. This can be done because the valves and pumps built in the device comply with the highest requirements. Repair under warranty generally means to replace the device.

Institutes using Arteriograph