Arteriograph 24h

About the Arteriograph24

  1. Accurate – clinically validated
  2. Unique,representing a special combination of a 24h ABPM and the Arteriograph
  3. Vital on the field of vascular age assessment
  4. Advanced data transfer via Bluetooth technology
  5. Comprehensive providing the most important peripheral and central hemodynamic parameters
  6. User-independent as it is fully automatic
Its unique technology enables this device to measure all arterial function parameters simultaneously for 24 hours. Beyond the traditional blood pressure values Arteriograph24 provides aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (PWVao), Augmentation Index (Aix aortic, Aix brachial) and central systolic blood pressure (SBPao) data. With use of a simple, upper-arm cuff, the device is capable of recording central hemodynamic changes. By inflating the cuff to suprasystolic pressure the brachial artery becomes occluded. This leads to the major advantage of the system: the brachial flow is stopped, therefore the brachial wall characteristics are excluded (no significant wall movement), consequently the gained information relate to the systematic circulation. For calculating arterial function parameters the recorded pulse waveform is analyzed and the characteristic points of the first and reflected waves are determined. The true aortic length is estimated with the jugulumsymphysis distance ( Jug-Sy) , by which the calculation of PWVao is enabled. Arteriograph24 is a special combination of a 24 hour ABPM and a professional, stateof the art technology for measuring vascular age (stiffness), incorporating all the best advantages of both techniques. It reveals the day and night-time changes of the peripheral and central hemodynamic parameters in order to achive the most accurate vascular age assessment, and to monitor the effect of different drugs. The measured data can be transferred, stored and analyzed on a PC allowing a complete evaluation of arterial function (stiffness).
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