About the Arteriograph

  1. EASY as an oscillometric blood pressure measurement
  2. FAST as it takes only 2 minutes
  3. USER INDEPENDENT as it is fully automatic; the users only have to launch the measurement
  4. EXCELLENT REPRODUCIBILITY as it is proved to be superior to the reproducibility of other available methods
  5. LOW VARIANCE as it is proved to be the lowest among non-invasive arterial function assessing methods
  6. OUTSTANDING COST-BENEFIT RATIO among clinically accepted devices
  7. VALIDATED to invasive and non-invasive measurements
  The complex arterial function (stiffness) measurement with Arteriograph is as simple as an upper arm blood pressure measurement.This innovative device measures all the relevant arterial function parameters such as aortic pulse wave velocity (PWVao), augmentation index (Aix) and central blood pressure (SBPao) values simultaneously with the TM peripheral blood pressure. Arteriograph provides an easy, fast, accurate and user-independent method for assessing vascular age. With use of a simple, upper-arm cuff, the device is capable of recording central hemodynamic changes. By inflating the cuff to suprasystolic pressure the brachial artery becomes occluded. This leads to the major advantage of the system: the brachial flow is stopped, therefore the brachial wall characteristics are excluded (no significant wall movement), consequently the gained information relate to the systematic circulation. For calculating arterial function parameters the recorded pulse waveform is analyzed and the characteristic points of the first and reflected waves are determined. The true aortic length is estimated with the jugulumsymphysis distance ( Jug-Sy) , by which the calculation of PWVao is enabled.
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