Arteriograph 24

Arteriograph 24 is the supreme device for simultaneously measuring the complex parameters of arterial function and conducting Pulse Wave Analysis for a continuous 24-hour period.  Beyond the traditional blood pressure values, it provides aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (PWVao), Augmentation Index (Aix) and central systolic blood pressure (SBPao) data.

This unique combination of a 24-hour ABPM and the highly sophisticated solution for measuring Pulse Wave Analysis —the Arteriograph— integrates the best advantages of well-known techniques. It reveals the daytime and nighttime behaviour of the peripheral and central hemodynamic parameters to assess the vascular age. The measured data can be transferred, stored, and analysed on a PC allowing a complete evaluation of arterial function (stiffness).

Arteriograph 24 is indicated in the next clinical conditions:

  1. “White coat” effect of the patient (more stress from the patient towards the examination)
  2. Considerable discrepancy between the observed arterial function results with Arteriograph and the patient’s apparent or known clinical status. E.g. the patient is very young, but shows considerably abnormal stiffness values, or the patient is a known atherosclerotic subject with a lot of diseases, and a normal arterial function.
  3. Studying the diurnal rhythm of the arterial function parameters
  4. Studying the behaviour of the arterial stiffness in real life conditions.

Arteriograph 24 is a crucial tool for understanding and evaluating arterial function in different medical situations. Its standout feature is the ability to continuously measure Pulse Wave Analysis for a full 24 hours. This extended monitoring lets healthcare professionals observe subtle changes in artery conditions throughout the day, giving a more comprehensive picture of vascular health in real-world situations. Whether studying daily patterns, checking responses to activities, or tracking long-term trends in artery stiffness, the device's continuous Pulse Wave Analysis provides valuable insights for personalized patient care and improved clinical decision-making. Simply put, Arteriograph 24 is at the forefront of assessing arterial function, offering a deeper understanding of cardiovascular system through its extended and uninterrupted monitoring capability.