Arteriograph Usage

1. What is Arteriograph?

The inventor, Miklós Illyés M.D. PhD, explains what the Arteriograph is and why it is a breakthrough technology in getting an accurate picture of the vascular system quickly and non-invasively.

2. Why to Measure Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (PWVao)?

Understanding the correlation between aortic pulse wave velocity (PVWao) and arterial stiffness enables professionals to make a proper diagnosis.

3. The Arteriograph Story

Hear the unique story of how the Arteriograph was created from the idea to the actual device.

4. Why to Use Arteriograph?

Arteriograph is a game-changer in measuring parameters that could only be acquired before via invasive Cardiac Catheterization. Learn about the unique features making it a special and authentic technology.

5. How to Use Arteriograph?

Ease-of-use has been a guiding principle when creating Arteriograph. Here you can learn about how to properly use it for correct results.

6. What is the Difference Between Arteriograph and Arteriograph 24?

Same idea, 2 devices. Arteriograph24 was created for constant monitoring preferred in research, intensive care and some other areas. Get the details in this section.

7. Arteriograph Advantages

There are tangible benefits to Arteriograph compared to other similar devices on the market. A comprehensive overview is given here.